About Innovation North

Our Founder

Dr. Tima Bansal has been thinking about business sustainability for the past 30 years. A globally recognized, award-winning researcher, her work has targeted the interplay between business strategy and sustainability, connecting theory with action.

Tima has always been a strong advocate of the concept of sustainable development — that the needs of the present should not compromise the needs of future generations. Considered a pioneer in this field, she has led initiatives that shape the business school curriculum, as well as the management discipline.

Led by this philosophy, at Innovation North, we believe that business success does not have to compromise society’s well-being. They are interdependent.

Our Beginning

In 2003, Tima founded the Network for Business Sustainability, which links researchers and managers to challenge current ideas of sustainability, and in 2005, she founded the Ivey Centre for Building Sustainable Value. She was the Executive Director for both of these initiatives until 2020 and 2021 respectively.

As part of the Centre, Tima invited senior leaders, academics, and world-renowned systems innovators to tackle the unapologetically aspirational goal to ‘innovate the innovation process’, where participants co-create new insights on how to integrate systems innovation and business strategy. This quarterly gathering, which launched in 2019, started as the Innovation Learning Lab.

Our Future Direction

Recognizing the impact of bringing a systems lens to innovation processes across all sectors, the Lab ignited Innovation North, a home for co-learning the approaches and the tools to help organizations integrate a systems lens into their innovation practices, building towards higher value(s).

As Innovation North evolves, we are still planning our quarterly gatherings, and those lab sessions will wind down in 2024.

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