About Innovation North

The world is experiencing more frequent and interconnected crises. Businesses are left facing more disruptions, that unfold faster, and cut deeper than ever before.

The historic approach to turbulence is to move fast and break things. But when everything is changing so quickly, moving blindly often leads to unintended consequences, impacting the organization, communities, and ecosystems. In our systemic world, a small change can cascade to create unpredictable consequences.

At Innovation North…

We embrace this complexity and offer a new way of tackling organizational challenges. The key is not to move faster, but to widen the field of view. From here, you can better evaluate what is most important.

Innovation North is a team of researchers that seek to solve organizational and ecosystem challenges. We partner with businesses, non-profits and governments to co-create novel solutions to complex challenges.

Our North Star is to contribute to more prosperous, resilient and sustainable communities and ecosystems.


Who We Are

Innovation North is a community of researchers co-creating solutions to business challenges with business, non-profit, and government partners. We are fuelled by the belief that we can create a future where businesses and society thrive together.

We use the Compass to guide our journey – a tool that was co-created with the community of practice. The Compass helps generate novel, actionable ideas to complex problems. The tools and resources generated through our activities are available in the Knowledge Hub.

Our Founder

Dr. Tima Bansal has been thinking about business sustainability for the past 30 years. A globally recognized, award-winning researcher, her work has targeted the interplay between business strategy and sustainability, connecting theory with action.

Considered a pioneer in this field, she has led initiatives that shape business school curriculum and the management discipline. Tima has always been a strong advocate of the concept of sustainable development — that meeting the needs of present generations should not compromise the ability to meet the needs of future generations.

Led by this philosophy, at Innovation North, we believe that business success does not have to compromise the well-being of communities and ecosystems. They are interdependent.

Our Supporters

Innovation North is part of a constellation of organizations powered by Ivey Business School, including the Centre for Building Sustainable Value and the Network for Business Sustainability. All three organizations share the same North Star – that business and society need to work together to create a prosperous future for all.

In addition to corporate contributions, Innovation North has been generously funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and Mitacs.

Our Values

We aim to build prosperous organizations and resilient and sustainable communities and ecosystems. The values below guide our journey are below: