Garima Sharma  [ She/Her ]

American University

I am part of the research team studying the collaboration between academics and managers scaffolding the Lab at Innovation North. The insights from this research can guide and inspire other researchers to foster similar collaborations with business. I am also working with the Innovation North team to build a tool for systems-based innovation, a tool in which we juxtapose theory with practical insights from running the Lab sessions and various projects.

Systems innovation is one way in which businesses can be a part of the solution for the many wicked problems facing us. Systems innovation is responsible innovation, it considers not just the self-interest of business but also the interests of human and non-humans touched by the innovation. By equipping businesses with tools for systems innovation, we can help them consider both intended and unintended consequences of their innovation.

Through this work, I hope to get a deeper understanding of systems innovation in practice and theory. I also hope to systematically study the processes and outcomes of the Lab, and produce both academic and practices-based publications.