Stephanie Rüegger  [ She/Her ]

PhD Candidate

With an insatiable curiosity and a passion for change, I’m a doctoral student who is about to eagerly immerse myself in the realm of systems innovation. While I stand on the border of translating theory into action, joining the ranks of researchers at Innovation North, I am motivated to infuse fresh perspectives into the landscape of corporate innovation and target social progress.

Intrigued by the notion that genuine comprehension of systems change springs from actively engaging with the system, my ultimate aspiration is to contribute to the greater good. I’m driven by the belief that by harnessing the potential of systems innovation, we can ask the right questions of our time and engage in solution finding processes for the most pressing challenges that confront our world today—whether they be the urgent calls of the water crisis, or the persistent grip of poverty and inequalities. I envision a world where the actions we take reverberate positively across diverse realms, ensuring the flourishing not only of humanity but also of every living being that inhabits our planet.