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Cboe Canada & the RBC Foundation

Financing Nature-Based Solutions

Imagine a world...

where financial institutions promote and protect biodiversity.

Nature preservation is critical to mitigating climate change. Yet, human activity has caused extensive biodiversity loss, soil erosion, water scarcity, and forest degradation—depleting the power of nature and exacerbating our climate problems.

To help offset these activities, and direct money into replenishing our natural ecosystems, Cboe Canada (formerly the NEO Exchange), Canada’s Tier 1 stock exchange that caters to the innovation economy, is spearheading a unique collaboration to build a nature-based financial instrument.  This tool is funded in part by the RBC Foundation in support of RBC Tech for Nature, RBC’s global, multi-year, $100 million commitment by 2025 to support new ideas, technologies, and partnerships – addressing some of the most complex environmental challenges we face.

This new innovative new financial instrument will be designed to meet the demands of a growing subset of environmentally-savvy investors that want to use their money to create a better planet—as well as those that are simply looking for a new or unique investment option.

Guided by the Innovation North Compass, Cboe Canada & RBC will expand its customer base, engage new investors, and facilitate much-needed action in repairing the biodiversity crisis.
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