Two construction workers talk together inside large house under renovation


Rebuilding Better Homes

Imagine a world...

where insurance providers build climate resilient communities.

As extreme weather events become more frequent, home insurance claims are rising—causing upwards of $2 billion in insured losses per year. These losses undermine Canadians’ financial security and emotional well-being.

This reality inspired Co-operators to re-imagine the role of insurance and its potential to protect homeowners from floods, high winds, tornados and other catastrophic events which are projected to increase over time due to climate change.

Collaborating with Innovation North, Co-operators is leveraging our Compass to catalyze a circular economy—embracing building practices that increase structural resiliency, use sustainable materials, and repurpose elements of damaged homes to minimize the amount of waste going to landfill.

Through this process, Co-operators will strengthen its relationship with its customers, reduce risks to homeowners, build stronger communities, and decrease its environmental footprint by extracting fewer resources.

Homeowner Roof Repair Construction worker wearing safety harness are working on the roof house in construction site.