Feast of Food


Creating Circular Food Relationships

Imagine a world...

where local businesses transform organic waste into revenue.

In Canada, 58% of the food we produce is wasted—and 86% of that waste occurs during food processing, production, manufacturing, retail and distribution.

To resolve some of these environmentally-destructive inefficiencies—and make sure more food is making it to Canadians’ plates—Innovation North is collaborating with Circular Opportunity Innovation Launchpad (COIL) and the City of Guelph to create solutions that will allow small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in meat, dairy and produce to turn their food waste into new products, collaborations and value streams.

Over the next year, companies across Southwestern Ontario will embrace circular innovation through the Circular Leadership Program—with the goal of building a local food system that benefits everyone.

delivery man bringing food to a customer with a lot of packaging passing food over a table