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CPA Canada

Catalyzing Innovation Through Accounting

Imagine a world...

where Chartered Professional Accountants are catalysts of innovation.

As today’s business environment becomes increasingly unpredictable—and things like Artificial Intelligence, data analytics and digitization disrupt the accounting profession—chartered professional accountants (CPAs) must uncover new ways to provide organizational value.

One way to do this, according to Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), is to transition away from hindsight-focused accounting. Rather than reviewing what happened in the past, CPAs must leverage today’s technology to embrace a foresight-focused mindset—and support organizations in visualizing a path forward.

To support CPAs in this transition, and reimagine a new role for the profession, CPA Canada collaborated with Innovation North. Through this project, the organization explored opportunities to prepare its 220,000 members for the future; provide national and provincial businesses with additional resources to resolve complex challenges; and establish best practices that will catalyze innovation across businesses and society.

To learn more about this ambitious future, and how you can be part of it, read Systems Innovations: Reimagining the Role of Professional Accountants in Today’s Complex Environment.

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