CSA Group

Towards A Circular Built Environment

Imagine a world...

where the build environment uses regenerated materials, creates zero waste, and removes atmospheric carbon.

The way we design, construct, and eventually demolish our built environment is entrenched in the linear take-make-waste economy. A shift is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create urban areas that are more livable, productive, and convenient.

A circular economy offers a new way to design, build, maintain, refurbish, and deconstruct buildings, infrastructure, and other elements of the built environment. It will also be critical in meeting Canada’s commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Innovation North and CSA Group are collaborating to develop a strategic framework for circular built environment (CBE) in Canada. Guided by the Innovation North Compass, the project will engage industry and other stakeholders in the CBE ecosystem to build a road map that describes long-term high-investment actions as well as immediate actions.