CSA Group

Unlocking The Bioeocnomy Through Standards

Imagine a world...

where the Canadian economy advances a sustainable and low-carbon future by transforming bio-based waste into value-added products.

Many agricultural, fishing and forestry activities generate residue with material value when it is transformed into bioenergy, biofuel, and bio-based products. In Canada, an estimated 120 million tonnes of agricultural residue, forest residue, and municipal bio waste are generated annually. The bioeconomy can actually substitute the value provided by fossil fuels. Yet, the value of the bioeconomy has been difficult to unlock because there is so little alignment among system actors.

Recognizing the importance that standards play to enable this transformation, CSA Group partnered with Innovation North to host a Bioeconomy Vision Workshop. Key stakeholders, including representatives from industry and government, convened for a collaborative discussion on challenges, opportunities, and the role of standards in advancing Canada’s bioeconomy.

During the workshop, participants identified value opportunities within the bioeconomy, barriers to progress, and ideas to overcome the challenges and mobilize the bioeconomy, including a vision to advance standards in the bioeconomy. The workshop served as a platform for fostering collaboration and connections among key actors. It concluded with a call to action, inviting participants to embrace the vision of a thriving bioeconomy and their roles in shaping a sustainable future.